FSlogix not able to create UPD for users

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Anyone here have encountered similar issue when using FSLogix to create User UPD on an azure file share?

I've already followed the instruction to connect, added a simple VM and domain joined with the AAD, added the group permissions, created GPO for the persistent connection via the storage credentials but still does not create a UPD for my users.

I always get the following error:


FindFile failed for path: \\storageaccountname.file.core.windows.net\saawvdfspocasa01\upd\S-1-5-21-214374821-3362637857-1926848367-2101_anfi_test\Profile*.VHDX (The user name or password is incorrect.)
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@andyfigueroa : Apologies for the delay. Are you still hitting this issue?


As a side note, I've forwarded along to see how to address.

@andyfigueroa If you are still experiencing this issue, please verify that, when logged in as the user, you are able to navigate to the location specified for your profile (\\storageaccountname.file.core.windows.net\saawvdfspocasa01\upd\) without being challenged for a credential.  In order for FSLogix to create the VHD, the user must be able be able to create, read, and modify a file in that path without entering credentials.