FSLogix - How to Extend Profile Container

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I have a client I've been working with and the WVD Pooled vm's have been working great with FSLogix. But I have a use case now where the default profiles, 20GB, are too small for some users. I've been searching and going over the documentation and doing searches but I have not found a good way to take an existing VHD profile container and expand it.


The last command I worked with was the "Migrate-vhd" but I ended up with some write errors during the process and the profile ended up corrupt. This process also had issues because the permissions on the share were not quite right afterwards. 


Any suggestions on this process would be great. Thank you. 

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@mkolb  Thanks for the note. Unfortunately I did try that and ran into an issue. The FSLogix Profile Containers cannot be mounted natively and the command i think has a hard time due to that. As an example, see the picture. I've tried this on a few machines without success. Capture.PNG