FSLogix folder redirection - rename doesn't work

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I'm wondering if I'm the only one who sees this problem:


If I redirect a folder through from the root of the system disk to a folder in the profile of the user and try to rename a file or folder in a subfolder inside that redirected folder Windows throws an error that the file or folder cannot be found.


The setup is like this:


c:\somefolder redirected to c:\users\username\Documents\somefolder


c:\somefolder\subfolder can be created/renamed/deleted without problem

c:\somefolder\some.file can be created/renamed/deleted without problem


c:\somefolder\subfolder\anothersubfolder can be created/deleted without problem but renaming the throws an error

c:\somefolder\subfolder\some.file is the same as anothersubfolder


Renaming the exact same files or folders in the target of the redirection works without problem.


It doesn't matter if the profile is redirected through FSLogix or not.


I even tried a fresh local install of Windows 10, the error is exactly the same.


Is anyone else seeing this error?




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