Fslogix Find Path failed for multidomain users

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Hi ,

I have AVD environment which works well for Single domain say domain1. Now i want users from another domain from onprem AD to use the WVD. I tested and user from another domain can access VM but is not able to authenticate Storage Account. We have File Share which is joined to Domain1

When user from another domain try to access it asking for credentials We have added user to SMB contributor on File Share


error is as follows


FindFile failed for path: \\XXX.file.core.windows.net\xxazuxfs001wp\XYZ\S-1-5-21-1504005034-1371222036-1539857752-26984_T-PQrs\Profile*.VHDX (The user name or password is incorrect.)



Please help with the solution

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Did you create a group on your on-premise domain with users from both domains and sync that to Azure AD and give them the role on the file share?
Hi Johan,
Yes I did. Users from both the domain are synced to the Azure. I have provided SMB contributor role on storage account.
do we have to check on AD trust as well?
We do not have Single group , for one domain we have one group for another domain there is another group both are synced to Azure and both the groups are added to SMB contributor
Thanks Johan will check and will give you feedback