FSLogix downgrade to 2201

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We currently have a pool with FSLogix 2210 (2.9.8361.52326) and we are running into the known issue ( asking for outlook credentials.


In the known problems article, it indicates that until hotfix 1 is deployed, the solution is to downgrade to the FSLogix 2201 version (2.9.8228.50276).


Has anyone downgraded?


Is it safe to delete the FSLogix application and install version 2201?


Will everything work as before or do I have to configure something?


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I'm leaving this here in case someone helps.


- We have created a test environment replicating our current environment.


- We have removed the FSLogix 2210 application from all virtual machines and have subsequently rebooted them.


- We have installed FSLogix version 2201 (2.9.8228.50276).


At this point we have not had to configure anything else, the regedit entries were already created. We have done several tests with various profiles and the information is synchronized between the different virtual machines and now the modal window requesting the credentials when opening Outlook no longer pops up.