FSLogix and Azure File Sync - Container Renaming Observation



In planning to switch from a Windows IaaS File Server to using an Azure File Share on a Premium Storage account, we decided to use Azure File Sync to get all 8TB of the profile containers onto the new share in advance of a planned cutover.

For the most part this has worked out great.  But for some profiles, I've observed what looks like a probable AFS initiated renaming scenario where either the cloud endpoint (as the name  "Cloud") or the server endpoint's name is added as a suffix to the profile container name.  The end result is two different containers in a given users profile directory.

User Name = Joe.Cool
AFS Cloud Endpoint = Cloud
AFS Server Endpoint = Server1

Prior to using AFS, each users profile container is simply named as "Profile_Joe.Cool.VHDX" given the above scenario.
However, for some users I now have the normally named container plus an additional one with a suffix.  This is sometimes "Profile_Joe.Cool-SERVER1.VHDX" or "Profile_Joe.Cool-Cloud.VHDX".
So, an affected users profile path will look like and contain:




I'm assuming this may be the result of a partial sync condition if a user profile container session is attempted against an Azure File Share before the sync'd container has been completely updated by the sync process.
I have also observed that the interestingly named container is sometimes mounted for the user in their session.

Has anyone else see this?  I also am curious about the expected behavior for FSLogix in this scenario.  Will it always choose the new file with the suffix until an effort is taken to merge/consolidate the two files?

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