FSLogix across Pools?


I have a Spring WVD environment configured. I configured FSLogix but the profiles are not seeming to roam? When I add the registry key - 


DeleteLocalProfileWhenVHDShouldApply = 1


the login process is super slow with it delaying on eth FS Logix part for ages. When it finally logs in I get a new profile. When I return the key to 0 it logs in quickly but doesn't seem like the profile roams. 


I have my profiles stored in an Azure SMB share and I can see the folders created in there, so I know it was/is working.


My question is - if I have 2 pools for Desktop usage, should a two separate FSLogix profile storage locations? At the moment I only have one profile share across all my pools and maybe this is causing my issues?


Any other suggestions for troubleshooting also welcome.




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Ok, after some more testing, it appears to be an issue with only one profile! The other work fine. For some reason this one user always has a unique (and I assume local) profile. Tried to delete the profile files in the Azure console but says I can't because they are in use. 


I might just turn everything off and take a break perhaps. Maybe it'll all work after I have 'turned it off and on again'.

@Robert Crane You can use the same FSLogix profile store across as many pools as you want. 


The thing to try is just make sure that a local profile does not exist on the WVD Desktop that the user is logging onto. There is also an event log for FSLogix. Have a read through that and see if anything obvious pops out. 


Here is also a good resource to use for troubleshooting - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/fslogix/fslogix-trouble-shooting-ht


If you still can't figure it out let me know and I can try and help a bit more :)