Force session host health check?

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Hi all,


Is there anyway of forcing an session host health check evaluation? I have the below error in regards to MSIX App Attach, for which i have now resolved by installing a cert on the host, but the status is still showing as unavailable: 



How often does the health check evaluate? Looking at the JSON it ran at 17:30 last night, it is now 10:20am which seems a little long. I have rebooted the host to no avail.

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@DurranteI know this is an old post, but did you ever get an answer to this?


I also have the same issue. I didn't think we had to manually install the certificate on the hosts  but now I'm wondering if that's what my error means? It doesn't tell me that's what the error is, which is frustrating!

We ended up doing the cert via Group Policy, which sped it up for us.
thanks for the reply, I shall look to do that also :)