files stored in WIndows VM is missing

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Hi ,

one of the user is using Azure windows Virtual dekstop. And he saved some files in that desktop & after re logged in to the VM. Files are missing.

How to recover the files stored in the windows virtual desktop.

Is there any possibility to recover ,If please share the steps to do.


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Is your environment setup as persistent single session or pooled multi-session? Are users being roamed between machines if so what is the roaming profile solution used (FSLogix), how is that configured to handle temp profiles.
Hi, I have similar problem. wvd vm session host with non-installed program in c:\ourapp (the app not need install). Automatically the folder dissapears. Maybe azure vm updates? It's nornal that dissapears folders?
I don't think there will be away to recover the files, unless they exist under: c:\Users\

Without a bit more detail, it almost sounds like the the following setting is configured: "Delete local profile when FSLogix Profile should apply" - but fslogix isn't creating the profile?
In our case, folder deleted or missing was outside fslogix user's profiles folder (c:\users). We had some folders in C:\ (like c:\OurProgram) and automatically dissapears from the wvd host.
Nobody deleted the folder (users didn't have folder permission to delete) just dissapears.