Experience on storage transacation cost for managed disk and azure files for VDI use case

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I would like to know your experience with storage transaction cost for


1) Managed disk when you have provisioned standard SSD for virtual desktops

2) Azure files - when premium tier is not used for FSLogix profiles


I have seen that the storage transaction costs are significantly higher as compared to the disk cost itself specially when using standard SSD for pooled VDI (knowledge worker profile who uses office, MS teams and chrome). If the cost of SSD is USD X, storage transaction cost is atleast 50% or higher of X. 


Similarly, the transaction cost is 4 to 5 times the cost of storage (transaction optimized tier), when Azure files are used for FSLogix profiles.


I know moving to premium tier would make the transaction cost zero. Is it the recommended solution to above problem? If so, is it not advised to use standard SSD and non-premium tier of azure files for virtual desktop scenrios.


A discussion on this would be highly appreciated. 





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Hello every one, anyone who has reviewed my post? and any one facing similar issue as me?