Error Upon Deployment from GitHub template.

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I've just tried a deployment of 7 Server 2016 session hosts from a sysprepped Server 2016 image.  The session hosts seem to have been created suceessfully and joined to my domain, however the deployment failed.  The failure seems to relate to this:

 PowerShell DSC resource MSFT_ScriptResource failed to execute Set-TargetResource functionality with error message: User is not authorized to query the management service.

However I am using the correct Azure credentials as far as I can tell and it's my Global Admin account..

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If you are using AD DS, make sure your AD Connect is properly configured and syncing to your Azure AD. Even though my machines would join my AD DS server domain, I needed to configure/enable AD Connect for my deployment to successfully go all the way through.


More info that may help:

@rbergertd  Thank you for the advice, I re-ran the deployment and all is good.  It's not impossible I mistyped either the AAD username or password I guess.  All good, 7 Server 2016 session hosts deployed flawlessly from the template, with the web access HTML5 connection working perfectly.  No onto configuring the RemoteApps.  Which looks fiddly at the moment...