Error in Portal when clicking 'Create a Host Pool'

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I'm having a problem using the Azure Portal to create a new host pool. When I click the 'Create a Host Pool' button I get a message that there was an 'Error displaying your content'.  I've been able to create a host pool using a cloud shell but I'm stuck with what I want to do next.  If I try and use the portal to add a session host I get the same error as creating a host pool.


I'm following a guide that uses a gold image saved to a Shared Image Gallery and I want to create my session hosts from this.  I think if I had my session host VMs already running then I could add them to the host pool, but I can't see a way using PS to create session hosts from the Shared Image Gallery.


Best option would be for the portal to be fixed (I get the same error in my MSDN subscription) but otherwise a way to add using PS sessions hosts from a shared image gallery could be a work around.



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The fix has been deployed.