Email gets stuck in outbox when calling for Outlook API threw RemoteAPP

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Hi all!


I did a post about this issue a few days ago, but have not managed to fix the issue yet. Im trying again, after some reserach i found out that this issue is maybe not 100% regarding WVD, more like RDS and Outlook API. 


I know this is a common issue regarding RDS and applications that calls on Outlook API, but there must be a fix for this issue. Would be super appreicative if someone could share how they fixed this issue. (Maybe by script or in config)


My users are working locally on their computers and connect to CRM threw RemoteAPP.

(i have assigned workspace with Office applications and CRM system to users ofc)


When they call for Outlook API in CRM system, and try send a email. 

It gets stuck in Outbox, until we manually start Outlook and then it triggers "send/recieve" button.






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I also have the same issue. No luck yet. Did you managed to fix the issue?