Edge sign-in error -2147024893 on Windows Virtual Desktop

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I am having issues with 'New' Chromium Edge on Windows Virtual Desktop.  The environment is using Azure AD DS for authentication, so I know this has it's own challenges.  I also have FSLogix Profile and Office containers in place.


After the initial sign-in to OneDrive, users have access to corporate resources

Following a host pool refresh (i.e. redeploying from a new version of the image) OneDrive and Teams seem to work just fine.  However, trying to sign into Edge with the account the user is logged in with results in error -2147024893.  I can go ahead and select  to sign is as another work account, and use the same credentials, and this then works.  Just wondering if anyone had come across this issue and whether there might be a solution.



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@shaunlaughton Are you using FSLogix to roam the user profile?



Yes, that’s correct. I imagined that there might be something missing in terms of the profile roaming which was causing this issue.

@shaunlaughton Here is what I know...Edge encrypts certain setting with a machine key. When roaming profiles are used those settings when migrated to a new machine cannot be decrypted. In Edge based on Chromium this is supposed to be fix do you mind filing a support escalation?

Hi @Stefan Georgiev 


Apologies for the late reply.  I've been testing Edge 84 recently and this appears to have been resolved.  I'm due to be doing some more testing over the coming week so will let you know.





Hi @Stefan Georgiev ,

i am having the same issue with Edge Chromium with some users with FSLogix, do you know which directory we need to exclude?

I have exactly the same issue with FSLogix and Edge. Unfortunately no solution for this issue.