Edge chromium webapps on WVD

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Hi All,


Does somebody know if there is a way to publish Edge "Webapps" on WVD as remote-app ?
Really like the slick interface of the web-apps (no url bar, no buttons, no break-out option)

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@DeletedI don't think this is going to fully answer your question, but it may help.


we publish Edge as an app using the following application path:




we then point them to a specific site using a command line argument.


@James Bliss , thanks, but publishing Edge is not the problem.
We are even publishing Edge websites in "kiosk" mode, to give it more an app look & feel.

Problem with this is, that the user can stil break-out to full Edge and start surfing the internet, something we don't want.

When publishing as an "app" that break-out is not possible.



Did you ever figure this out? I'm trying to publish edge-chromium web apps in WVD too for exactly the same reason.