Dropbox with Pooled/non-persistent desktops

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we have an environment where our X number of users (hybrid from on-prem AD) are using AVD without any problem but now we want to use Dropbox with all these machines.. each user logs in to AVD with AD account but the Dropbox login is not federated and will login using some other account.. i am not able to find any help on questions like; if Dropbox is supported on non-persistence pooled desktops and if yes how to make this work .. as currently .. once user logs in to desktops they have to each time login to their Dropbox manually and perform sync .. then next time when this user will go to some other desktop .. he has to login again and perform sync again .. need some guidance and help here plz. 

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This isn't really necessarily to do with AVD. Your best bet is going to DropBox/their forums ask those users, but I am sure the answer is basically going to be no unless you federate and configure SSO.