Drive redirection with Web Client

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I have recently setup WVD with Windows 10 as well as Windows 7.
While testing out resource redirection, I have seen that it works if connect with Remote Desktop app but not with HTML5 Web client. I mean I can see my local drives if I use remote desktop but not with web client. Is it be design? Official WVD documentation does't really mention the limitations of Web client.

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Drive redirection is not supported in the web client. Here's the documentation to see the differences.

@David Belanger: I have also hit the same issue as @Pankaj_Jadhav 


Is the lack of drive redirection on the web client by design, or is this a feature that may come at a later point?

There is a user feedback request about functionality to copy and paste files between client and server on the web client:


This was marked as planned in 2018, but there seems to have been no update since, any news?