Doubts about template lifecycle and how to update existing host pools

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I have a doubt about gallery template deployment.
I think that all admins want thave a template (Golden image). If I create a host pool from gallery how can i convert it as template? I mean, I create first VM from Gallery and later deploy rest of VMs with Custom VHD (using VHD of VM created from gallery)? What do you think about it?
I would like to apply Windows Update and software installation periodically in template and later update existing host pool. 

I'm used to working like this at Citrix and I don't know if WVD works in a similar way.



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Hi @manuelpflx 


It is possible to use custom images for you WVD host deployment. Check this:

or this


I do it like that:

  1. Prepare custom image (install patches / software whatever)
  2. Snapshot the custom image (in my case an windows 10 multi-user vm in azure)
  3. Sysprep
  4. Capture image in azure 
  5. Redeploy WVD pool with image
  6. in future changes, lets say new patches -> restore snapshot and repeat steps


hope this helps.




I will try this step-by-step.

Thanks @mark



I tried the steps and I create a host pool with new changes in template. New issue is I cannot edit template after capture VM. Azure portal shows following message:

This VM is generalized. VM disk settings cannot be edited on generalized VMs.


How can I restore snapshot in template after it's "captured"?