Does Fslogix profile work across the AVD host pools?

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Hi All,

I am just testing Fslogix and kept profile path is same ( Azure file share) for all host pools. When I am trying to login with a user in different two different host pool, two different Fslogix profile is getting created. Is possible setup roaming profile which can work across host pools? Let me know if there any setting , I need to enable.

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Hi @AmitJ2021,


As long as all hosts have access to the same network path that has the FSLogix containers on it, this should work! You to 1) explicitely allow FSLogix to make multiple concurrent connections and 2) choose a read/write mode for your virtual hard disks/containers.


There are some limitations and things to consider but Microsoft has a pretty good bit of documentation on this topic:


Good luck!

Thanks you for reply Pylsa.

We had tested the settings but by these settings we can achieve One Read-Write session and other sessions are Read-only. Is it possible to enable multi-write back options so that Read-Write gets enabled for all sessions.

@AmitJ2021 In Mode 1, you should get read/write for all connected sessions through a difference disk. However, I've had mixed success with using this. It looks like you are using Mode 3 that has RW for the first session and then falls back on RO for subsequent sessions.