Does current WVD support RDmi? Can we talk to customers about it?


Dear WVD team,


My customer is looking for a truly multi-tenant solution for WVD (remote app) for their customers.  


Seems the RDmi solution is good for them


However, I didn't find any solid document with current WVD solution covers this.  Can anyone let me know : 


1. Is the above RDmi function part of the current WVD?  

2. If not, any plan to support it in the future? 


Thanks so much! 



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@JERRYLI : RDmi actually evolved into Windows Virtual Desktop! You should see the similarities through the docs ( .



Thanks Christian!  Is there any document providing instructions on how to design and implementation the RDmi?   Or it is still under preparation?  I didn't get a clear documentation talking about this.  

@JERRYLI : There is no more RDmi, only Windows Virtual Desktop. To answer your question, we don't have a full architecture diagram for implementing, but we do have several Concept articles that describe the requirements and scenarios.