Do I require to run Powershell Commands to setup WVD

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I am fairly new to WVD and managed to set it up using the Azure Portal.

There are a number of resources which tell you to setup the following command via PowerShell including the MS Video 

Setting Up Windows Virtual Desktop Tenant

New-RdsTenant -Name CompanyWVDtenant -AadTenantId xxx


But I have set everything up using the Azure Portal including Host Pools, Applications Groups and workspaces. I did not use PowerShell for anything. But when I go and run the following command 

I see no information. How is it possible to setup everything up and then have this section empty. 
My questions is do you need to run any commands via PowerShell or can you now do everything from the Portal? It looks like in the earlier releases it was via PowerShell only or a combination.
If I do everything from the portal am I missing a step, although not the most efficient way of doing it
Appreciate your responses. 
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You have run into the issues of there being 2 PowerShell modules.
When WVD moved over ARM, they also provide a new commands in the AZ module, you can find all the info you need here:



This makes sense, there is a lot of documentation out there that is still old related to none ARM stuff.