Disconnections from Azuzre Windows Virtual Desktop Sessions

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I have an Azure Windows Virtual Desktop deployment on what Microsoft is calling the 1.0 implementation. The deployment is located in the East US region and Microsoft techs are telling me that region is having communication issues on the backend that are causing users to get disconnect/reconnect messages that are resulting in them getting kicked out of their sessions. 


Is anyone else running a WVD environment in the East US region and having intermittent disconnections?


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@Pavithra Thiruvengadam 


These issues stopped after moving my host pools to spring deploy. To date I have never received an explanation as to why that was needed.


Two weeks ago I was told by WVD support that an issue arose that once again caused the same issues. They are just now fixing it which has cost my organization hours of time and productivity which amount to lost money.  


I need more information on how why this platform performs the way it does and what can be done to correct it or I need to stop using it. 


My feelings are that the route we take via the Remote Desktop application poorly managed.