Disabling unnecessary Windows Services - Session Host tuning

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I'm hoping someone can help. With the increase of remote working because of the Lockdown, our WVD platform has seen its usage go through the roof. We have had some stability issues but on a whole its ran ok.


However we have noticed an issue with the sheer amount of services created to the point where we can't use the services app to manage it because the buffer is full. 


I was wondering if there was any advice around managing/disabling some of the Windows 10 services. For example we have 100's  of BluetoothUserService instances, BcasrDVRUserService etc all being created for each session.


This is on a Remote Apps Session host. I've attached some screenshots below as examples. 






Any advice would be appreciated.




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@R_Akers Hi Rich, thanks for taking the time to post this. We have looked into tuning services on Windows 10 multi-session, mostly from a performance optimizations perspective. This issue has not reported before and could be a reason for us to disable (at least) Bluetooth in the Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session image, let me discuss with a few folks before making the change.


For your environment, it looks like it makes sense to disable. 

HI Peter, 


Thank you for taking the time. I thought I added it to the original post. The actual error below when trying to open services that prompted this. This is with around 65 user sessions connected to the RDSH.




@R_Akers we are not seeing those services running in our environments. Would you be able to share the output of "tasklist /svc" when a few users are logged on?



Hi Peter, 


Attached. I notice it doesn't look to be listed there but they are showing under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services


I can't open the services app currently to take a look but our RMM is also showing them 

@R_Akers thanks for the CSV, let me discuss with a couple of folks and get back to you.