Disabled CMD on WVD and now get issues logging in

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Greeting All,


I have setup a WVD Host pool and can connect it it fine but I am trying to lockdown the Desktop now by removing CMD, Registry and Powershell for my users.


I have created a GPO which does this now but now when I log to administer the box via RDP I get this screen.(see screenshot CMD issue1)

UsrLogon.cmd Disabled by your administrator (see screenshot CMD issue2) Only when I close the screen does the desktop finally load a few seconds later.


I want to disable CMD for users but it looks like WVD requires it to run a start up script?

Anyone trying to achieve that same thing, any advice much appreciated. 


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Ok folks managed to sort this out at the end. I had to change the following GPO
Disable the command prompt script processing also? No

This then allowed the usrlogon.cmd process to run successfully.
But Prevent access to the command prompt is still enabled, so all good.
Hope this helps others.