Different connection clients to Windows Virtual Desktop

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In the official documention, it says that :

"Don't use RemoteApp and Desktop Connections (RADC) or Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC) to access Windows Virtual Desktop resources because Windows Virtual Desktop doesn't support either client." Source : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/connect-windows-7-and-10


From end user point of view, we find that MSTSC is so much faster than both Remote Desktop and the web client, so if possible we would like to stick to the RDP protocol.


What is the difference between the MSTSC and the newly provided Remote Desktop client??


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I find the lack of UDP support reduces the end user experience massively.

@Lionel_B4 : Hi Lionel! Can you elaborate what you mean with much faster? For features you are missing you can suggest them here. Please add a little bit of context which problem that one solves on your side: https://aka.ms/wvdfbk 

Faster meaning the feedback of every action we do on Windows 10.

Typical example is typing in a Notepad. Using MSTSC the feedback is instantaneous, while using the web client or Remote Desktop, the delay between pressing a key and the character appearing on the screen is a few hundred milliseconds. Presumably because it uses HTML5 to emulate RDP.

@Lionel_B4 Out of interest which datacenter is your VM located in? During testing I found that the connection is very laggy as you describe to my VMs in the EU as the gateway connection is going from the EU to the US and back to the EU

I'm connecting from Malaysia to VMs in Singapore. Pretty small distance compared to EU-US but the web client and Remote Desktop client is still so laggy it makes it pretty impossible to use in a call center.

I just want to know for Azure WVD, if we can use MSTSC (RDP) a.k.a. Remote Desktop Connection, until the performance issue is improved in the other 2 clients?? or hopefully the upcoming Linux client is better.

You likely have the same problem I have then. As the gateway for the preview is in the US your connection when using the proper client is going out to the US and back again.

@Lionel_B4 : The latency might be expected from your region. You could deploy your VMs in the US to reduce the round trip. Note: Doesn't matter which client you use the protocol is as performant as in on-premises scenarios. Watch out for further news or announcements in this forum.