Different AVD Gateway Region

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I have one query our all AVD servers are in Central India Location and all users are working office in same location but still you can see in above snapshot gateway is showing different different so any idea about that 




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Decision on which gateway is based on latency/performance during the initial connection so if there is something effecting latency such as internal network or packet loss a user may connect to a sub-optimal gateway. Ideally though, if there arn't any restrictions, you can use UDP shortpath for best virtual desktop experience and gateway performance should not matter.

@Gunesh Malviya 


How's you AVD connection flow so far?

We had configured RDP Shortpath and NAT Gateway
The service is actually designed to always get the best gateway. It is based upon latency and existing user load evalutated at the connection time. You're right there maybe some networking issues etc, that mean that a connection is directed to a g/w that is geographically further away than another one you expect, but you are being connected to that one because at that point in time it was the most optimal

@TomHickling thanks I'm still unsure whether configuring RDP Shortpath will involve the gateway or not ?

With Shortpath the RDP part of the overall connection will bypass the gateways saving you network hops and some latency. The part of the connection (authN, brokering etc) will still involve the AVD gateways and other services that are part of the control plane