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Hello all,


At the moment, I'm testing Windows Virtual Desktop for our organisation. As part of this all, I set up an Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AADDSS) domain with a different domain name than we currently use since that domain exceed the character count limit of 15 characters. I also created a virtual machine that acts as a management server for the domain.


After following the guide at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/ I was successful in creating a host pool and assigning myself to an RDS App Group. However, I've been unsuccessful when trying to connect to the host pool I've set up.


Get-RdsDiagnosticActivities shows the following information in its errors:


ErrorSource : RDBroker
ErrorOperation : OrchestrateSessionHost
ErrorCode : -2146233088
ErrorCodeSymbolic : ConnectionFailedUserSIDInformationMismatch
ErrorMessage : OrchestrateAsync: SID value in the database is different than the value returned in the
orchestration reply from the agent for user ≤me@domain≥ with Id
<myGuid>. This scenario is not supported - we will not be able to
redirect the user session.
ErrorInternal : False
ReportedBy : RDGateway

This has prevented me from going any further with testing since I cannot even connect onto a session. The resource group I created for Windows Virtual Desktop shows no deployment errors, the virtual machines I created appear in the "AADDC Computers" organisational unit (and can be accessed from the management server). I can even access the virtual machines created by the WVD host pool provisioning process from the management server.


So my question is, where do I go from here? Does the domain that I use to sign into Office 365 and Azure services need to match the domain used by the AADDS tenant I created? Do I have to remove the host pool and start again (the host pool was set up before I had properly set up password synchronisation between the on-premise AD DS users and the AADDS domain)? Do I have to get something else working.


WVD does look interesting but if I can't resolve this problem I can't go any further in my testing so any hints will be useful

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This appears to be a known issue, as referenced in https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Windows-Virtual-Desktop/Announcement-Connectivity-issues-from.... It looks fixes are incoming, so I will wait for that fix