Deployment with Drive D: and "actual how many user on a host"

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I have only 2 small questions about WVD. Our frist deployment is now running and some user are saying its very slow (other: better than before).

My 1. question is only: how can I see how many active user are on a host? (I know there is a powershell command, but I cant find it anymore)


Second question is more tricky.........some apps (Thank you Mr. Designer) requires Disk D: and E: as Data drives. Usually D: is the temporary drive in Azure. I can manually replace the temp drive D: to Z:...but this only manually. Is there a way to do this automatically. In our Golden Image, we have 3 local partitions (C:, D:, E:), but after the deployment the D: is changed to F:




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Hi @Lutz Rahe,


check out "WVD Admin" by Marcel Meurer. This will help you a lot with administering the wvd environment.


(PS would be: Get-RdsUserSession -TenantName TenantName -HostPoolName PoolName)


Did you uploaded your custom image? Or you could try also to create a template image with the help of WVD Admin (described in Blog)