Deployment of VMs to WVD host pool fails with VMAgentStatusCommunicationError

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I am following Robin Hobo's WVD guide. I am aiming to test creation of a custom Windows 10 multi-user image with LOB applications


I have created a custom image, generalized it, and then saved the image to a Shared Image Gallery.


I have created a new WVD host pool using my custom image. When I do this, it creates the VMs but fails at the joindomain stage with the VMAgentStatusCommunicationError error below. This seems to be because the Azure VM agent is not running.


  • I have verified connectivity on the VMs/vNet. They can see DNS/AD okay.
  • If i examine the created VMs after the deployment failure, they do not have the VM agent running (obviously). I cannot RDP to the VMs.
  • I have tried recreating my image from scratch once, but got the same error second time around.
"message": "VM 'SVR-AZ-WVD-1' has not reported status for VM agent or extensions. Verify that the OS is up and healthy, the VM has a running VM agent, and that it can establish outbound connections to Azure storage. Please refer to for additional VM agent troubleshooting information."

 Can anyone suggest any troubleshooting steps?

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