Deployment fails when Application path and/or executable contain special characters (like + sign)

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steps to duplicate problem:


a) Install Notepad++ in a sessionhost with default prompts (i.e Path: c:\Program Files\Notepad++)

b) Create a RemoteApp application group

c) Add Application

d) Either use Start Menu or File Path and select Notepad++ path for executable and/or icons

e) Deployment will fail




a) Install NotepadPlusPlus to c:\Program Files\NotepadPlusPlus

b) Modify the executable name from Notepad++.exe to NotepadPlusPlus.exe

c) Create a RemoteApp application group

d) Add Application

e) Use file Path and use C:\Program Files\NotepadPlusPlus\NotepadPlusPlus.exe for app path and icon

f)  Use Notepad++ as display name

g) Deployment succeeds


Putting the path for executable/icons in quotes does not help

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@MarkF26 this limitation (+ and other special characters in the path) has been there since WVD classic (GA release). I will follow up to see where it is documented and how we can make it more visible. We will re-evaluate if we need to add a new feature to handle such path. Please feel free to add/upvote here