Customize Microsoft Remote Desktop App

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I want to customize the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. I want to show the WVD virtualize applications to users depends on custom roles and licensing.


Basically, I want to use logged-in user credentials to get the virtualized applications for that user(by calling WVD API if exists) and will show only those applications if the user has an active license for that application.


Plus I want to change the look and feel of application for company branding. 


Can you please help me to achieve this?

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@vikaspawar We do not have access to license info and hence do not support the feature you have mentioned. For look and feel of the application, we allow you to change the icon - is that the ask?

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam  Let me clear the requirement.  Basically, we require two-step validation before showing the virtualized applications to the end-user.


The first step will fetch all the virtualized application list by calling an API (if exists from Microsoft) for logged-in user. And the second step will use the previous application list, to check licensing (by calling company Licensing API which already exists) for those applications to show it to the end-user.


Hopefully, you will understand the requirement. 

@vikaspawar I got the requirement now. Thanks. We do not have an API that returns list of apps/ appgroups associated with a user. I do have a feature in the backlog for the same.

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam  Thanks for your reply. Let me know once such an API is available.