Created a WVD Pool using custom VM, but can't login to it when accessing the pool

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I've created a WVD pool, but when I log in to the WVD client or webclient and double click the pool name, I get the error below. I opened 3389 to VM to verify it's up and running



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Hi @ramitadros ,


You could check what is going wrong using the Get-RdsDiagnosticActivities cmdlet:


Filter out the Connection attempt, get the Detailed logging (using the -Detailed parameter) and expand the Errors property

@michawets  this is what i get


ErrorSource       : RDBroker

ErrorOperation    : LookupSessionHostPool

ErrorCode         : -2146233088

ErrorCodeSymbolic : ConnectionFailedNoHealthyRdshAvailable

ErrorMessage      : Could not find any SessionHost available in specified pool = ≤poolE≥, due to either: sessions are not allowed, no healthy host (RDAgent did not report health information), session limit reached

                    on all SessionHosts in the pool or the pool is empty. Run Get-RdsHostPool and Get-RdsSessionHost cmdlets to get more information.

ErrorInternal     : False

ReportedBy        : RDGateway

Time              : 9/20/2019 9:11:36 AM


So I ran Get-RdsSessionHost:


SessionHostName    :


TenantGroupName    : Default Tenant Group

HostPoolName       : poolE

AllowNewSession    : True

Sessions           : 0

LastHeartBeat      : 9/19/2019 5:50:04 PM

AgentVersion       : 1.0.1345.5400

AssignedUser       :

OsVersion          : 10.0.18362

SxSStackVersion    : rdp-sxs190816002

Status             : SxSStackListenerNotReady

UpdateState        : Succeeded

LastUpdateTime     : 9/19/2019 4:11:19 PM

UpdateErrorMessage : 


Can it be that I didn't install the RD agent before i create the image. But I did install it after while trying to resolve this issue?


Hi @ramitadros,

Can you check if the Windows Virtual Desktop Agent and Windows Virtual Desktop Agent Boot Loader are correctly installed?

If not, follow these steps to install or reinstall both agents on your VM:

After that, your sessionhost should end up as available in the Get-RdsSessionHost cmdlet.

Hope this helps

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I'm re-installed agent and bootloader, but still getting a 

Status             : SxSStackListenerNotReady

when running Get-RdsSessionHost. Do I need to isntall any additional agents?

I have the exact same problem.  IT did uninstall and reinstall the agent, and the became "Available" for few minutes, but turned back to "SxSStackListenerNotReady".   I created a deployment of 5 VMs from a template.  I created a host pool from the market place templatesm and no problem.  I I try to add a VM from an image to that pool, I get the same "SxSStackListenerNotReady" error.

Hi!  I finally contacted support, and after a few weeked, we found that my VM template was using Windows 10 Pro, and not Enterprise.  The Microsoft support guy told me that Windows 10 Pro IS NOT supported with WVD.   So I rebuilt my VM template with Windows 10 Enterprise, and of course... NO PROBLEM, never.   What edition of Windows 10 were you using?


@Patrick Brodeur 
Old thread but getting the same issue as OP. However I haven't gone the path of manually installing the WVD Agent to fix it, as the goal will be this needs to automatically work to host (potentially) 500'ish users accross VMs of a type to be determined.


Using the multi-session image with Office 365 we are customising it by installing additional apps and policies as we go about testing and validating things.

Running Win 10 E so it's not an issue there... advice?