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Hi guys,


Wondering if you could help me out a bit. thanks


I have been using azure for a month and my only purpose it to log into 2 different virtual machine and open the internet and make a couple post on a forum and close the VM. 


just wondering whats the cheapest way to set this up (and what size) because i tried setting up the azure spot instance it keeps saying the location and size does not work. 


also does anyone know how i can change the currency that i am viewing in the billing?


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1. Try the B series VM for reduced costs, or even look at a smaller size.
2. Implement auto-shutdown and startup policies:
3. If your organisation has an agreement you could get an MSDN account or maybe a Dev.Test subscription to use:
4. There may not be any capacity in your region at the moment for spot (unused capacity) or more likely the size is not a supported size -

If you have an EA agreement, the currency is set up at the agreement level.

For changing the currency, there is a user voice feedback open for it: - but reading the comments indicates a support ticket to Microsoft may allow them to do it.

I tend to delete the VMs and recreate them when I need it, vs keeping one around.
FYI some good resources to take a look at for further learning on Azure: