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i am using AVD from a Chrome Browser.

It is possible to enable Copy & Paste between my computer and the AVD?
Actually it seems to be not possible and i haven't found any option.

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Hi @frank-72,



According to the following Doc, clipboard is supported on web client:


It might be that clipboard redirection is disabled in the RDP properties under the Host Pool?
Azure Virtual Desktop > Host Pools > <HOSTPOOL> > RDP Properties > Device redirection > Clipboard Redirection.


Another thing is that the web client ask for access local resources on connection, this might ben disabled there and set to not ask again.



another thing i can think of is the Chrome site permission setting, please make sure that Clipboard is not blocked in here: chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?


hope this helps.





sorry but nothing worked for me.


I cant access the host pool (no rights) and i have tried to change the browsers settings. 


In the Screenshot, i do not have the option for File Transfer and Printer. 

So i assume it is related to the server settingss.

I try to contact them, but it seems that they do not care about Linux users....


Thanks for yout help!



@frank-72 it might be the Clipboard Redirection GPO setting:

You should check gpresult on the session host or review the linked GPO's on the parent OU('s) in Group Policy Management.

Hi Frank,

In this case, unfortunately there is nothing you can do if you are just the end user and don't have access to the server side. Clipboard has been probably disabled deliberately, Sorry...