Connection Failed User Not Authorized

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I have set up a WVD hostpool with a Windows Server AD using Azure ad Connect. There is a problem with one user getting an error when trying to start the Remote Desktop, it works fine logging in to and there the user can see the Remote Desktop but he is getting an error when he starts it. I have tested created a new user account and that works fine. The assignment to the Desktop group is done the same way for both users using powershell.

This is the result when running Detailed Diagnostics for that specific user.

ErrorSource : RDBroker
ErrorOperation : AuthorizeUser
ErrorCode : -2146233088
ErrorCodeSymbolic : ConnectionFailedUserNotAuthorized
ErrorMessage : User ≤≥ is not authorized to access the resource ≤mth://localhost/8aaea36-ad40-49cb-a6b7-ba7d9690d1a8
ErrorInternal : False
ReportedBy : RDGateway

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Hi @olejoc89 ,


Could you remove the entitlement of the user to the RemoteDesktop, add the user back to the RemoteDesktop and test again?


Do you get the same error?


Thanks for your reply @michawets 

Sorry for the late feedback, the affected user was out of the office for some time.

It now works for the user, I removed the user from the Desktop group and added him again using PowerShell and that seems to solve this problem.