Connecting WVD works but somehow the remote desktop is pixly and coarse

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I configured WVD and added a host pool with pooled desktops from Windows Server 2016 Datacenter in Marketplace. 


After connecting from Windows 10/Chrome using the web client link you supplied get the the first login prompt and get to select my only host pool that I assigned to the user. It connects and prompts for username and password again. After confirming that I am the same one I finally see the desktop loading. 


Unfortunately it is very pixel oriented. Any Ideas what I am doing wrong here. 

Should I have opted for some other image or something else to get better video quality?


Very bad resolution and colorsVery bad resolution and colors

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@Johan_Eriksson : Are you able to download/install the Remote Desktop client for Windows 10 and Windows 7 and see if the poor experience persists? If it persists, you may consider changing the VM size so it can better encode/decode the connection.

@Christian_Montoya Yes, I did download the new remote desktop client and it gives a good to great experience. Vastly better that the web experience. I can use paint and draw some simple drawings with OK resolution and hand to eye coordination in desktop client. It is as if the web client somehow negotiates a worse than needed quality. In the desktop client the screen is crisp, in the web client it is like looking through water.