Connecting from VM to VM in the same geographic location (Central US) but different RG/subscription



Cx logged a case asking below questions:

"We are planning to create a Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure from where a customer will connect to Windows Server running on a VM. Both machines will be hosted in Azure and both will be in the same location (Central US). But we don't want to create a network peering, the customer should be on the same network for security reasons. They will connect to the server using public IP address of the server for the virtual desktop. What is the best way to ensure that connectivity between this environment is as good as it can be (network latency)? Ideally the network will not hit public internet but will be routed directly within the network in Central US even though the customer will use the public IP of the server. How can this be done? Or maybe it's already like that and Azure will know that it doesn't have to leave the location."


So my question: Will there be Service Endpoint to support cx requirement? 

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@AhamdJayyusi : Apologies for the delay. To answer your questions...


1. Yes, Azure already does this natively by channeling intelligently routing network requests either within the datacenter or along the Azure backbone.


2. In the future, we will be supporting service endpoints. However, we do not have an exact ETA at this point in time.