Client Metrics and hardware info from end user devices.

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Hi All, I'm constantly frustrated by the lack of data I'm capturing from my client devices. As we run teams (AV optimised) on our estate, poor performance, disconnections/freezing, etc, is often the symptom of both bandwidth/latency issues on the client end, and/or low spec hardware.

I'd like to be able to capture this through the log analytics WVDconnections feed or something similar, so I can rule out an issue on the session hosts. My only metric for client bandwidth appears to be the remotefx perf counter which in my experience is a bit time consuming to report on (matching session ids, etc) - is there any way I can (by an opt in process to avoid data permission issues) gather even basic hardware info from the users without having to say to them 'run msinfo32'.

The 'connection information' button from the client is pretty basic.


So I'm after latency and Client details - any hints/features in the pipeline?




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update: after looking through the blogs I found a recent interesting post, which should satisfy the latency part (once its working -I'm not seeing any network data in my LA workspace yet):

so that just leaves the hardware specs of the client devices! :)