Client Hardware requirement for AVD

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Hi Community


I've looked for official statement from Microsoft on hardware requirements for the client machine that needs to access AVD Session Hosts for remote desktops or RemoteApp in production. However, the only resource I could find is this


Is there something recently released or any specific recommendations from wider community?




Taranjeet Singh

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I haven't seen anything specific, but it should be low end, most consumer devices you buy should be more than enough, take a look at Thinclient specs as well:

It's probably not AVD performance, but the actual client running Windows etc that you need to worry about, while it does antivirus scans/updates etc. I've used AVD successfully, while my PC was grinding to a halt due to overheating, but Azure Virtual Desktop was still quick etc.

You want something that you if there were performance issues, you could easily exclude either AVD or the Desktop, and can run the host OS comfortably on.