Client connection error of RDGateway: ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect (-2147467259)

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Some users disconnect from AVD session with this error:





Message sample



ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect (-2147467259)

The network connection between the Windows Virtual Desktop client and the service was unexpectedly interrupted.


How can I know the main reason of this disconnection ?

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I have solved this issue by asking the user to install the latest updates for remote desktop application.
Found this blog. We're encountering the same issue; all our client is at the most recent AVD Client Version. 
ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect (-2147467259)

Currently working through various scenarios to try and figure this one out.
Almost 1/3 of our daily users gets this error - 550 according to AVD Insights.

We'll be logging a MS Support Case.

Seeing this as well, I was having a ton of the UDP Shortpath errors, but after using the ADMX template for AVD I was able to resolve that, now Im still seeing a lot of this.

Did you happen to get anything out of Microsoft about that error "ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect (-2147467259)" ?? Our users are on the current version of the RDClient
Anyone was able to solve this issue? Im having random disconnects even with updated RDP APP. Same exact error message. I have a Microsoft Support ticket open for 2 months so far and they do not help at all. We are alone basically to solve Microsoft Product problems.


Make sure latest version, isolate endpoint and redeploy client, this is my suggestion in past experience

I also have the same thing here.
what firewall do you have for the AVD hosts ?

@BacharBader77 I resolved this by using the AVD ADMX template and forced the hosts to use TCP instead of UDP streams.

Our hosts are behind an Azure firewall.