Clarity needed on WVD management service (control plane)

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Sadly there's a lack of clarity in the official Microsoft docs and in the forum (a similar question has been asked here:  We need a clear and unambiguous answer to the following question:


Since WVD moved out of Public Preview and went GA, where are the locations of the 'Management Service' (aka control plane) for WVD?


During Preview it was located in the East US region.  However, since GA the information leads you to believe that there is a WVD Management Service in every region, but nothing is specifically stated.  For example, I want to know if there is a WVD Management Service in the UK (e.g. UK South region), or does the UK use a WVD Management Service that's hosted and located in one of the Azure EU regions?  Also, what's the deal about WVD 'metadata' being held in the US, what is this?

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Does anyone from Microsoft read these posts?  Would be good to get an update from from of the WVD product team?