Choosing between FSLogix App Masking and MSIX app attach

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I'd like to revisit a question from 2 years ago: Choosing between FSLogix App Masking and MSIX app attach - Microsoft Tech Community


We're currently working an a new AVD deployment and there is a lively discussion between 2 scenarios:

1. Full Golden image with all software and FSLogix App Masking to filter apps for users

2. Limited Golden image with essential software and App Attach to filter apps for users.


We're in the process of repackaging all applications so creating MSIX packages is an option. Just curious what would be more future-proof and require the least amount of administrative effort to maintain?

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In my opinion I would go for MSIX App Attach. You can perform application update management without having to touch the image.

@Bas van der Kruijssen Great Question!
I often explain it as this...
FSLogix App Masking - Majority need the apps but only small portion of users you want to hide apps from.  This is ideal because you would have to manage the updates anyways for all the apps in the master image and an image that will be widely used anyways.

MSIX App Attach - Majority don't use the same apps and only need a few of them for a smaller subset of users. OR you only have a few apps and want to ideally have a vanilla or generic image. (i.e. Azure Marketplace) That and you have staff that are skilled on creating and managing MSIX packages and the apps support and tolerate being packaged via MSIX. 

Ultimately it comes down to minimizing overhead of managing an image and what makes the best sense for the organization.  Hope this helps.

MSIX App Attach is the future direction for per/user applications.  However not all applications come as MSIX yet and of those that don't some can't be repackaged.


My feeling is to go for MSIX App Attach first backed up with App Masking if needed, it's not either or.

For instance, Firefox is available as an MSIX from Winget natively by Mozilla so this is an easy App Attach choice, whereas Office plugins would be an easy App Masking choice. Use the best of both.