Changes to WVD image regarding Office 365

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Hi! I have deployed a WVD solution using the Azure image of Win10 that has the Office 365 apps included. From what i can see, Outlook is not included in this image, but i need to install it. Is there a way to install just Outlook on top of the existing install, or how is this done? I tried a repair, and found a "repair.xml" in a temp folder in my profile, it was from this i saw that Outlook, Publisher, OneDrive and Access is excluded.

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Hi @Mtollex70 


Outlook should be included in the image.  Which version did you select when you deployed the VM?? Was is the "Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session, version 2004 + Microsoft 365 Apps"??

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@Neil McLoughlin Neil is correct, it should be included. Please check again and let us know.