Change the ressources Launch Method and disable telemetry

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Since a while, my check box "Download the rdp file" is greyed out.


I was wondering how we can change this parameter, on a full RDS deployment I can use  "Set-RDWebClientDeploymentSetting  -Name "LaunchResourceInBrowser" ($true|$false)" but I'm not able to find the equivalent with Windows Virtual Desktop.


Same for the telemetry.


Thank you.



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@ghonyme have you had any progress with this? I also am looking for the same option.

@ProvidedIT Not yet, maybe @Christian_Montoya could help us on this?


Thank you.

@ghonyme @ProvidedIT : Your observations are correct. It is something we offer in the Windows Server RDS web client but not yet available in the Windows Virtual Desktop web client. We're looking at the functionality, but no specific date for the feature. Primarily, since Windows Virtual Desktop relies on Azure AD token for authentication/authorization, we have to make sure we can leverage the same Azure AD token from browser to desktop. (The Windows Server RDS web client doesn't have this requirement, so it was easier to implement there first.)