Certain websites blocked when browsing through WVD

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Good afternoon all,


We have several production critical websites blocked when browsing through a WVD instance.  Truepeoplesearch.com, Ticketmaster.com, and Whitepages.com.  These websites most likely have blocked Azure based IP's due to other tenants abusing the limit.


For now, we have been using a Chrome VPN extension to workaround this issue but is not a hard fix and we are already having issues with this approach.


Obviously, standard DNS filtering tools will not work since the website request is still coming form an Azure based IP.


What 3rd party solutions do you recommend to route traffic through a safe IP for these particular websites?


Thank you

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@Kompressor_82 We had an issue with accessing a web page kind of similar to your situation. So I put a public load balancer in front of the WVD hosts so we could have a static IP which wasn't shared. You could try that?

Any update on this? We are seeing similar behavior.
Since this is being blocked by the Azure , you will need to contact Azure support and check with them. The only workaround would be using VPN in this case.

@jposey We put WVD on its own subnet and created a NAT gateway so that all session hosts share the same public IP (we perform autoscale each night).  


Once all session hosts are set to use the NAT gateway and share the same public IP,  use a third party residential proxy service to route interesting traffic.


This is the only way we were able to get this working properly