Cannot Sign in Remote Desktop app on a Chromebook

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I have the Microsoft Remote Desktop app (aka RD client) on a Chromebook. I click to add a Remote Resource Feed (aka Workspace).  I enter this URL:  It takes me to my AAD sign-in page. I do password and MFA. After that, a fleeting message appears in the lower-left: Sign-in was cancelled. And I am back to the home page with nothing. "It's lonely here".


What is going wrong on this Chromebook? I have already used the PC Remote Desktop app successfully.  On the PC, I have two WVD desktops (application groups).  In the AzureAD logs, I have this message: The app needs access to a service ('{name}') that your organization '{organization}' has not subscribed to or enabled. Contact your IT Admin to review the configuration of your service subscriptions.


How do I get past this problem on a Chromebook?

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