Cannot create hostpool (or any other ARM WVD 'resource') - Validation failed

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We are currently running on wvd fall 2019 and it is working perfectly.

I want to create a new WVD environment in the spring update (ARM).

However, if I try to create a host pool, it fails every single time at validation:

Validation failed. Required information is missing or not valid.


Everything is filled in correctly and it does not give me any additional details as to what the issue is. It doesnt matter if i attempt to create VMs and Workspaces or not during the host pool creation wizard - it always fails on validation.

Any ideas?

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@Raaert can you provide screenshots of each of the tabs (Basics | Virtual Machines| Workspaces) showing what you selected. 

I uploaded the picture from the last page (review+create).
The picture is of the most simple stuff i can choose without choosing VM or workspace.


Here is a screenshot of each tab.. it doesnt matter if i only try to create the host pool or also VM/workspace in the wizard, it fails regardless without telling it fails.

@Raaert I will investigate in my lab to see if can recreate failure; be sure to check AD setup and Connectivity such as custom dns set on the VNET so can find Domain Controllers, the domain join account you are using has the correct credentials and permissons. 
As a side note, and extra setting/ step you dont need is the 'Specify domain or unit' you can set this to No if the adminstrator account for the ad domain join UPN is in the same domain you are specifying, as it will automatically join to the domain from that taken from the ad domain join UPN; you would only need to say yes if you actually and specifically need to specify a domain other than that from the ad domain join upn, or specify an OU path which you havent.  hope that makes sense.

@Raaert  Forgot to mention, go to the Resource Group you specified and look in the Deployments blade and see what information is logged there; attached is an example of what you should see

2020-05-22 23_19_10-wvd02-rg _ Deployments - Microsoft Azure.png

No errors in rg deployments - because it fails during validation so I never get to deploy it.

@Raaert  ...ah, of course, just realised that... will continue to check in my setup when i find a few minutes.

@Raaert when I try to fill out information incorrectly, I get a different error and I get a red dot above the area that is causing the error, for example if miss a parameter I see the included clip below; I do not see that in any of your images. 


I was not able to recreate the error message you see; I noticed that your gallery image looks to be your own and not one from the drop down menu defaults (clip below), try selecting one of  those and again see if that gives same error; it may help in troubleshooting and narrow down areas where the issue is not, and if this works it validates the other fields are correct so must be attributed to maybe the image being used in that case. Apologies than other than that I would not know what the issue is; maybe others have further ideas. 





Thanks fror your help, i just figured out the issue / error message 5 minutes ago...


"message\":\"Resource 'hostpool1' was disallowed by policy. Policy identifiers: '[{\\\"policyAssignment\\\":{\\\"name\\\":\\\"Allowed locations\


Apparently we had a policy that only allowed specific resource locations and the spring update doesnt support EU locations for metadata yet.. that was the issue :)

Stupid issue but easy to fix.

@Raaert  Perfect! I will certainly add that into my memory for future reference. Thanks for sharing the resolution. 




I had a similar issue when deploying through the portal. Once I went through the VM creation manually, I figured it out to be lack of enough core quotas for deploying the requested VM Size. a quick automated support ticket resolved the issue. 


Tags: Quota request for Compute-VM (cores-vCPUs) subscription limit increases

@MarkF26 good feedback also, thanks for that one.