Can WVD be Used for Production or is it Experimental Only?

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I have a client who would like to use WVD, currently in preview, but I can't find any documentation to suggest it is experimental only or not.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.



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@wadewa0352 : Windows Virtual Desktop is currently only in preview, so we do not offer any official support, therefore would not suggest production workloads. We definitely offer best effort for issues raised through this (and other) forums, but no SLA. We would definitely encourage testing it out and reporting back if there are any issues though!

@Christian_Montoya What will happen to the tenant environment and virtual desktops that are provisioned during the preview? 


We know we will definitely want to use WVD when it reaches GA but are concerned about data loss and effort around reconfiguration that might be necessary should the preview environment be scrapped at launch. 

@ic-jw-msp : It is our goal and intent that GA basically just means "Now you get support!" and everything just carries over. If there are any sort of changes or migration, we'll make it known. But to be clear, we have no intention of taking down the "private preview" environment to spin up a new "GA" environment.