Can Windows Virtual Desktop PCs have static IP addresses.

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Hello all.

I am testing Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop with my monitoring system. We have door lock monitors at locations around New York state on assorted internet connections.  These door locks send status and event messages to an application that monitors the events.  There is a different application instance per customer so about six instances. For these door devices to send data to the receiver I need to have a fixed IP address on my side so the devices know where to send the data to. However, in Windows Virtual Desktop, the network card for each desktop has no Public IP, only the private IP. I looked at the NAT Gateway but that is for outbound not inbound.

So is there a way to send traffic from the outside internet directly to a WVD? (Don't worry about firewalls that is a separate topic. baby steps.)


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An Azure Load Balancer, with a Public IP with Azure Virtual Desktop backend pool, may do what your after,

If the traffic is *pulled* from the Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts, then the NAT gateway should work as return traffic will be on the same IP address, if this is not the case then a Load Balancer may be needed.