Can't register an application group to a new workspace.

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here's my environment :

- 2 host pools

- 2 workspaces (Created with each host pool).

- Session hosts in both host pools

- Application groups in both host pools


My problem: I need to create a new workspace and new application groups WITHIN an existing host pool. From what I'm trying, I can't register a new app group to a newly created workspace. I must rgister it within the existing workspace associated to the existing host pool.


Can you please confirm that?


Thanks guys.



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You can only register the app group to workspaces created in the same location as the host pool. Also. if you've previously registered another app group from the same host pool as your new app group to a workspace, it will be selected and you can't edit it. All app groups from a host pool must be registered to the same workspace.

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